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Using immigrants as political pawns is harmful. Unfortunately, it’s part of our history, Chicago Tribune, 2022 

Op-Ed: A notebook with family recipes reminds me of Ukraine’s strength, Los Angeles Times, 2022

Immigrants walk a tightrope between two cultures. That's especially true for parents. Insider, 2022

Immigration All Over Again: Americans from the former Soviet Union Rally in support of Ukraine, 

Los Angeles Review of Books, 2022

The 'Polyglot Boardinghouse' and the Many Benefits of Bilingualism, New York School Talk, 2022

The 'Immigrant Mentality' Has Hijacked My Pandemic Cooking, and I’m Grateful, Beacon Broadside, 2021

The Very Real Correlation Between Bilingualism and Advanced Executive Function: The Continued Stigma of Speaking Other Languages in America, Despite the Lifelong Benefits, Literary Hub, 2021

My Kids Can’t Sing Along to Sesame Street, But They Know Our Family’s Culture,, 2020

What Do You Do When Your Beloved Childhood Books Scare the Crap Out of Your Kids? Kveller, 2018

Bilingual Parenting Matters — Even if the White House Says It Doesn't, SheKnows, 2018

A Lot of Our Ideas About Bilingual Children Are Total Myths, Quartz, 2017

My First Real Apartment Gave Me an Identity Crisis, Brit + Co, 2017

The Dinner Party (short story), Volume 1 Brooklyn, 2011

Distant Horrors (Gulag exhibit comes to Ellis Island), The Moscow Times, 2007

Single White Russian (Soviet immigrants look to online dating) The Moscow Times, 2007

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